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JURASSIC World star Katie McGrath claims her big screen success has nothing to do with Celtic charm — as no one in Hollywood believes she’s Irish.

The Wicklow actress is hot property after stunning audiences with a breathtaking performance in the billion-dollar dino blockbuster — officially the third highest grossing movie of all time.

And with Tinseltown scrambling to work with her, she’s landed her own US TV series, Slasher, and scooped a starring role alongside Jude Law, Eric Bana and Charlie Hunnam in Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming Camelot epic, Knights of the Roundtable. But according to the 31-year-old, industry execs and moviemakers always falsely assume she’s British.

She said: “It seems to come as a big surprise when I tell them, ‘Nope, not from London, I’m from Wicklow.’ They’re like, ‘Get outta here.’ It happens all the time.

“And I have people asking me, ‘Do you play on your Irishness over in Hollywood? They love the Irish there.’ And while I’m sure it’s an advantage for some actors, it’s never, ever played any part for me.
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